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I have added some custom buttons on the QAT of the Word 2010 using RibbonX, I also want to use splitButton to group a few buttons, but I found the QAT cannot display custom splitButtons.

Part of the RibbonX code:

<splitButton idQ="x1:BookmarkButtons" visible="true"><button idQ="x1:InsertLinkedImportantContentBookmark" onAction="InsertLinkedImportantContentBookmark" label="Insert linked important content bookmark" imageMso="NewSketchpadTool" visible="true"/><menu idQ="x1:OtherBookmarkButtons" visible="true"><button idQ="x1:InsertLinkedImportantContentBookmark" imageMso="NewSketchpadTool" onAction="InsertLinkedImportantContentBookmark" label="Insert linked important content bookmark" visible="true"/><button idQ="x1:BoldAndInsertLinkedImportantContentBookmark" imageMso="NewSketchpadTool" onAction="BoldAndInsertLinkedImportantContentBookmark" label="Bold and insert linked important content bookmark" visible="true"/></menu></splitButton>

while I import the RibbonX file using the Word dialog, there is no error, all controls work well except for splitButton, which does not appear on the QAT. I want to know whether I can put a custom splitButton control on the QAT of Word 2010. If not, how can I group some functions together? Thanks a lot for your answor.

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No, unfortunately a splitButton cannot be added to the QAT. The best you can do is create a set of seperator to seperate your controls from others. See for more details on the QAT.

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