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I feel like this is a simple problem I'm having due to my misunderstanding of the new ActiveRecord query interface, but take this example:

>> Category.first.recipes
=> [ ... ] # array of recipes


>> Category.where(:id => 1).recipes
=> NoMethodError: undefined method `recipes' for #<ActiveRecord::Relation:0x000001033dc9e0>

What's going on here? why does my where method return an ActiveRecord::Relation object? how can I retrieve the objects from the query here?

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This is actually intentional.

Category.where(:id => 1)
# Is Equivalent to Category.all(:conditions => {:id => 1}})
Category.where(:id => 1).first
# Is equivalent of Category.first(:conditions => {:id => 1}})

The objects are only retrieved when special methods like first, each etc are called. This is called lazy loading which is a great when you want to cache your views. Read more about why here.

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vote down because its not equivalent. where returns ActiveRecord::Relation, while the rest returns Array or Model.class – Marcel Falliere Dec 26 '10 at 12:20
It is equivalent in the context. That is why I mentioned lazy loading. But yes, .where.all would be equivalent. – Swanand Dec 27 '10 at 5:02
Category.where(:id => 1).recipes

Returns an array. If you simply do Category.where(:id => 1).first.recipes it should work.

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But if you are just doing a where against the id, use the find method Category.find(1) will return a Category object.

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