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I have an old computer with formatted drive lying around collecting dust, now I want to instal a linux like OS (any suggestions?) on it and install a web server, preferrably Lighttpd. I want to set up a server so that I have an environment to practice web development in PHP or Java. My problem is I dont want to hook up another set of keyboard/mouse/monitor to that old computer, and if possible I want to remote boot/shutdown the server from this computer that I use to type this question.

I did some google search, but the results are never comprehensive or suitable for my circumstance. Any input would be appreciated, book recommendation or link to a good resource are fine too.



P.S. I did some search on stackoverflow before asking this question, if there is another similiar question being asked, let me know.

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You actually needs an unattended (silent) linux installation, which may trigger beeps to tell you when the installation is done. Hope this can help you refine your search on google.

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You'll definitely need at least a monitor or KVM and a keyboard if you want to install any OS on it.

For server OS, you could try going for CentOS / Ubuntu. However, if your requirement is just to practice your PHP and Java, you could even use your existing laptop / PC and, assuming windows, you can just install wamp or xampp, to install your apache/php/mysql with just clicks.

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