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Which one should I use and what are the differences:



The same question about System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog and Microsoft.Win32.SaveFileDialog.

All I need is to show a message box and save file dialog (working on Windows XP as well).

Proper re-tagging is appreciated.

Thanks in advance, kh.

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The controls in the System.Windows.Forms namespace are for WinForms applications. The controls in the System.Windows namespace are for WPF/Silverlight applications. So pick the controls that match your application type.

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+1 This is correct. And even though Microsoft.Win32.SaveFileDialog is not in the System.Windows namespace, it is the save file dialog for WPF applications. –  Cody Gray Dec 13 '10 at 8:27
@Cody, OK guys, thanks. –  khachik Dec 13 '10 at 8:37

One is from WPF the other one is the classic windows messagebox.

System.Windows is the WPF namespace System.WIndows.Forms is the Win32 classic one.

In my windows forms application I would use the System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.

The same story goes for the SaveDialog

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