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I want to set the width and height of the container <div> of <img> after the image is downloaded, how to do it?

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function fn (div, url_path) {
  var img = new Image();

  img.onload = function () { = img.width; = img.height;

  img.src = "url_path";

fn(document.getElementsByTagName('div')[0], '');
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Put it on the page hidden, then measure its width. See here for a good explanation of how to measure the width of a hidden object (just calling width() returns 0).

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It is best to wait for the image to be loaded unless you want false results.

jQuery('#image').load(function() {
   var jThis = jQuery(this);
   var width = jThis.width();
   var height = jThis.height();
   yourFunction(width, height); //whatever you want to do with these values
   jThis.unbind('load'); //might be necessary if you only want this to happen once. Remove this if #image is a container for multiple uses.


Instead of yourFunction(), you could use this since it fits your description better:

   width: width,
   height: height
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