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I'm trying to create an ImageList for my TrayIcon but the images are not showing as high quality. They are originally very clear but as soon as I put them on the ImageList at Design-Time they are deformed. I tried 16x16 in ICO and PNG formats.

Also, which format is preferred in ImageLists?

Please advise.

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What version of Delphi? Can you post a picture so we can see the artifacts? –  Warren P Dec 13 '10 at 16:24

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First of all, ensure that you have the correct size of the images you're inserting against your image list's width and height. I can't give you an advice about the image formats, but I would say it doesn't matter - if you'll use ICO or PNG the result should be the same. Since some newer version of Delphi (I'm using D2009) there's a property ColorDepth, which is set to cdDeviceDependent by default. You can try to change this property, but I hope the default setting choose the right color depth for the inserted images.

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