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I am trying to integrate Vaadin and GWT-Graphics. Already read everything I could find in the web but still no result

I need to draw circles linked with lines. Those objects should handle right-clicks... So I think I need to have different Vaadin wrappers for GWT-Graphics like DrawingArea, Circle etc

Also it is not clear for me what object should I extend to implement server-side Vaadin object for DrawingArea? DrawingArea has parameters in constructor: width and height, how should I handle it in server-side Vaadin object?

Maybe you have seen some examples or sample codes for GWT-Graphics in Vaadin or have some experience with it?

I'm really stuck on this

Thanks in advance

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Henri, who's created GWT-Graphics, also made some sample Vaadin chart components using GWT-Graphics. Check out the components and their source. These are also mentioned in the forum post about GWT-Graphics.

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Yep, I saw it but I have to handle right click on my components... you know I want to draw something like UML diagram with ability to have a context menu on each class in this diagram. AFAIK GWT doesnt provide this ability just out-of-the-box. I was seeking for workaround but failed to find any. Thats was one of the reason i chose Vaadin framework. I see workaround: I can draw lines with GWT-Graphics and place regular Vaadin Image components over those lines... Can you see better solution? –  Alexander K. Dec 14 '10 at 0:11

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