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I have a form in C# (WinForm). It looks like this:


blank space for labels that I add through code (I can fit 10 labels in this space)

(close button)

The blank space can hold about 10 labels.

I am stumped on how I would make this form scrollable if I want to add 20 labels? If I add 20 labels via code, then the 11th label will overlap with my close button and the 12th+ label(s) will run off the end of the form.

How do I make just the blank space portion of my form scrollable where I am creating the labels? I don't want to use a listbox.


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Place all controls inside a panel and use scrollbar control.

Understand .NET Scrollbars

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Given the existence of the AutoScroll property on most of the container controls offered by WinForms, this is probably the worst possible idea, not to mention the most difficult. – Cody Gray Dec 13 '10 at 10:55
With auto scroll the logo and the close button would also scroll. Not a good UI design by any standards. – Aseem Gautam Dec 13 '10 at 10:58
Only if you placed the logo and close button inside of the panel. You could keep them outside, dock the panel control in between them, and only add the label controls to the panel. – Cody Gray Dec 13 '10 at 11:00
Also with scrollbars you get freedom of positioning the controls. Both tablelayout and flowlayouts are quite constraint and hard to manage as the design gets complex. – Aseem Gautam Dec 13 '10 at 11:13

Maybe a FlowLayoutPanel with AutoScroll set to true and FlowDirection set to TopDown.

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You should try using either a TableLayoutPanel or a FlowLayoutPanel as a container for your Label controls.

A TableLayoutPanel will allow you a finer level of control over where your labels are positioned. Like an HTML table, you specify the exact cell position (using row and column coordinates) of each control.

By contrast, a FlowLayoutPanel will handle the positioning of its contents automatically, either in a vertical or horizontal layout configuration. The positioning is determined by the order in which you add the controls, allowing you to achieve a dynamic layout with a minimal amount of fuss.

Either will allow you to add your label controls to it at run-time and size itself appropriately. In order for layout panel to be scrollable, make sure that you set its AutoScroll property to "True".

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You could use a FlowLayoutPanel.

Add as many labels you need and enable AutoScroll on the FlowLayoutPanel.

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