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    let useConnection expr =
    let Expr(conn : MySqlConnection) =
            | :? MySqlException as ex
                ->  printfn "Exception! %s" ex.Message
                conn.Close() |> ignore
            | :? MySqlException as ex
                ->  printfn "Exception! %s" ex.Message
    using (new MySqlConnection(ConnectionString = 
           "server      = " + MySQLServer + ";
            uid         = " + MySQLUID + ";
            pwd         = " + MySQLPW + ";
            database    = " + MySQLDB + ";
            Charset=utf8;")) Expr

member x.reportToDB (msg:string) =
    useConnection // <--- SO HERE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS conn
       (let cmd = new MySqlCommand(Connection = conn)
        cmd.CommandText <- ("insert into "+MySQLTable+"(system,dt,logMessage);")
        ignore <| cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("?system", Net.Dns.GetHostName())
        ignore <| cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("?dt", DateTime.Now.ToString() )
        ignore <| cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("?logMessage", msg )
                cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() |> ignore
            | :? MySqlException as ex when ex.Message.Contains("Duplicate entry")
                ->  printfn "MySQL Duplicate entry Exception: discarding the data set! %s" ex.Message
                    printfn ""
            | :? MySqlException as ex
                ->  printfn "MySQL Exception, requeing data set and trying again later! %s" ex.Message
        | :? MySqlException as ex
            ->  printfn "Exception! %s" ex.Message)

It's hard to explain but I want to use delegate conn from useConnection to x.reportToDB , how can I do it ?

thank you.

@Tim Robinson , yes I don't know about conn there and that is a problem I want to solve, why you think that lambda is bad idea here ?

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This code doesn't look like it compiles at present - I don't think the first line should be indented, and the code after your comment needs to be a lambda function – Tim Robinson Dec 13 '10 at 12:46
lamba is a fine idea :). You're not using one currently. – Tim Robinson Dec 13 '10 at 12:55

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useConnection appears to want a function that takes a MySqlConnection. It supplies this function with the connection object that you want.

The fix is:

useConnection (fun conn (* here's your connection *) ->
   let cmd = new MySqlCommand(Connection = conn)
   // etc.

Edit: It's maybe clearer with type annotations added to the useConnection function:

let useConnection (expr : MySqlConnection -> 'a) : 'a =
    let Expr(conn : MySqlConnection) : 'a =
    // etc.
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But I already inserted there my connection with expr(conn) – Heather Dec 13 '10 at 12:50
You inserted them in the useConnection function, but you're not retrieving them inside x.reportToDB. If you compile your code, you should get a syntax error inside the big block at the bottom. – Tim Robinson Dec 13 '10 at 12:54
but does your code work as I want it to works ? I mean I still confused about this fun conn -> – Heather Dec 13 '10 at 13:01
Are you confused about the fun keyword? It allows you to write a function without giving the function a name. Here's the MSDN explanation: – Tim Robinson Dec 13 '10 at 13:03
Thank you for it ) – Heather Dec 13 '10 at 13:20

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