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In my webiste, I classify all my entries by categories, wich its becoming a little confusing as I have like 3.000 entries now.

so, I need to implement tags.

I know all the website use them now, wordpress and everything.. I have been google'ing for a real while... is there a built in script (or almost) to manage tags? (insert tags, list tags, top tags,.)

I mean, there has to be any utility that can help me with this.. do you know any?

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you haven't found a script probably because using tags is quite simple :) I have implemented tags into one of my projects using the "Scuttle" solution in the next link:

Hope this helps...

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Thank you!, After reading it.. i have one question, why in the same table? If i had to do it, i was thinking to do it with 2 tables, one for articles, and one for tags. i though this way it will be easier to get: popular tags and so on... And also, this way, how can you know many tags you have? and how many repeticions? Thanks! looks like almost done – Toni Michel Caubet Dec 13 '10 at 16:27
the "Scuttle" solution uses two for your entries and one for the you've said, it is easier to get statistics on your tags, the list of tags, etc. – Catalin Dec 13 '10 at 16:46
btw, for the scuttle sollution, scroll a little bit down the page... – Catalin Dec 13 '10 at 16:51

Treat your categories as tags now.

If your categories are not poly-hierarchical, then consider making them so.

(eg an article could appear in more than one category)

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