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For example, when using in NSPredicate, I needed to change setFetchPredicate to setFilterPredicate, the 1st one was working just fine with XML store, SQLite required 2nd one.

I found: this message but couldn't find anything related in the list archive.

Is there any list with all valid NSPredicate statements?

When garbage collection can cause troubles?

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See the section titled "Fetch Predicates and Sort Descriptors" of the Core Data Programming Guide for SQLite-specific limitations.

I'm not aware of any Core-Data-specific limitations in a Garbage-Collection-enabled environment - the reference in the e-mail you posted is news to me. A quick Google search revealed this thread and it's the first I'm hearing of this issue. I certainly never encountered it despite having a similar setup in a compute-intensive app that used Core Data + SQLite store type.

You'll need to be a lot more specific about your first question, however. I'm not sure what you mean.

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