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Hey!! I have made an application through which I am publishing an audio file to the wall in facebook. Further I want to give a clickable caption, that when get a click take me to some url. Can somebdy plz help me in sorting it out....

Thanx in advance...!

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You need to send media as an attachment with your publish request.

{"media": [{
    "type": "music", 
    "src": "URL_OF_MEDIA", 
    "title": "NAME_OF_AUDIO_CLIP", 
    "artist": "ARTIST", 
    "album": "ALBUM"

Docs here:

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Darren I think you didn't get me, my question is how to make a clickable caption with my audio that I am publishing through my application. I have already completed the task to publish audio on facebook. – iOS Monster Dec 15 '10 at 8:25
read the properties section in the given link – iOS Monster Mar 28 '11 at 10:39

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