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I'm writing a programm on my laptop in C#.Net, Windows Forms. I would like to connect my laptop with mobile phone (NOT Windows phone, but any phone) through the Bluetooth connection.

I was already on many sites, (eg. 32feet.NET) but there are so many files and I'm lost there. I just need a simple program which is sending data (integer, string ...) to mobile phone and vice versa.

Where do I start? Thanks for your help :)

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Check out this article My Second Attempt at Blogging - Bluetooth Programming with C# explains how to use 32feet.NET in easy steps.

below the sample snippet used to send a file to bluetooth device (taken from the same article).

string filename = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(openFileDialog1.FileName);
Uri u = new Uri("obex-push://" + devAddr.ToString() + "/" + filename);
ObexWebRequest owr = new ObexWebRequest(u);
ObexWebResponse response = (ObexWebResponse)owr.GetResponse();
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