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I have several zip files that I need to unzip within an Ant target. All the zip files are in the same directory, and have the same internal directory and file structure.

So I am using the following snippet to unzip all the zip files in the directory, but each zip file does not contain a parent folder at the root, so each successive zip file is unzipped and overwrites the previous files.

<unzip dest="C:/Program Files/Samsung/Samsung TV Apps SDK/Apps">            
    <fileset dir=".">
        <include name="**/*.zip"/>

Is there a better way to unzip a group of files, and create a directory to unzip them to that is based on the zip file name?

So, if the zip files are:

then the content of each will be extracted to:



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One solution might be to use the ant-contrib 'for' and 'propertyregex' tasks to do this:

<for param="">
  <fileset dir="." includes="**/*.zip" />
    <propertyregex property=""
              override="yes" />
    <unzip src="@{}" dest="${}" />

The 'propertyregex' strips the .zip extension from the zip file name to use as the target directory name.

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Yea, that's what I ended up going with. I was hoping to not have to use ant-contrib, but in this case it's probably the most straightforward way. – Steve Dec 14 '10 at 17:08

Without ant-contrib:

<!-- Get the path of the war file. I know the file name pattern in this case -->
<path id="warFilePath">
    <fileset dir="./tomcat/webapps/">
        <include name="myApp-*.war"/>

<property name="warFile" refid="warFilePath" />

<!-- Get file name without extension -->
<basename property="warFilename" file="${warFile}" suffix=".war" />

<!-- Create directory with the same name as the war file name -->
<mkdir dir="./tomcat/webapps/${warFilename}" />

<!-- unzip war file -->
<unwar dest="./tomcat/webapps/${warFilename}">
    <fileset dir="./tomcat/webapps/">
        <include name="${warFilename}.war"/>    
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This solution only works if warFilePath refers to exactly 1 file. The OP asked how to extract several files. – Adam Mlodzinski Nov 21 '13 at 0:29

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