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I've got a theme file that looks like following:


Is there any tool which allows editing such file while displaying actual colors?

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Which OS are your running? Do you have python installed? –  khachik Dec 13 '10 at 15:35

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You can use Geany. It has "Color chooser" button - select your hex code and click on it and you will see the color and will be able to change it.

alt text

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You can create an HTML file with your favorite text editor and simply load it up your browser. Try this:

.PRIMARY1 { color: #7CACDF }
.PRIMARY2 { color: #A5C6E9 }

<div class="PRIMARY1">PRIMARY1</div>
<div class="PRIMARY2">PRIMARY2</div>

You can even automatically generate this with some clever find & replace or Excel formulas.

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