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I have a list like so .

           <li>Child 1</li>
           <li>Child 2</li>

I would like to be able to make two sets of sortables one within the the other. Just like you would drag a fold to another folder or a file to another file an a tree directory. However I JUST NEED it to be sortable within the parent so it should not move outside the parent.

I tried containment but no luck any other suggestions ?

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Found a quick solution but I haven't tested this on a deeper level so bear with me, but theoretically it should work.

$('.dragger').unbind('mouseenter').bind('mouseenter',function (e){
            tolerance: 'pointer' ,
            handle: '.dragger',
            revert: true,
            placeholder: "ui-state-highlight",
            forcePlaceholderSize: true,
            cursor: 'move',
    $('.dragger').unbind('mouseleave').bind('mouseleave',function (e){

Please Note: that the .dragger is an element within the li element which is not on the original question.

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