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I'm quite new to (and VS 2008), so I'm afraid my question might be basic, but I'm not sure how to solve it.

I have a winform with three textbox fields and a button. All textbox fields must be filled before the user can click the button to continue. To this end I would like to disable the button as long as there is at least one empty textbox.

If I had only one textbox field, it would be easy for me to do. In the Textbox1_Leave event I would check if Textbox1.Text is not empty and if so, set Button1.Enabled = True.
But what should I do if I have three textboxes? Have three event handlers, one for each textbox? Or is there a way I'm not familiar with?

Many thanks.

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AddHandler Textbox1.TextChanged, AddressOf ValidateInputs
AddHandler Textbox2.TextChanged, AddressOf ValidateInputs
AddHandler Textbox3.TextChanged, AddressOf ValidateInputs

Private Sub ValidateInputs(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal e as EventArgs)
    Button1.Enabled = Not (Textbox1.Text = String.Empty OrElse Textbox2.Text = String.Empty OrElse Textbox3.Text = String.Empty)
End Sub

And, even better, if these controls all have the same parent, and are the only textboxes in the parent (say, all nested in a groupbox), you can do it something like this:

For Each t As TextBox In GroupBox1.Controls.OfType(Of Textbox)
   AddHandler t.TextChanged, AddressOf ValidateInputs
Next t

Private Sub ValidateInputs(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal e as EventArgs)
    Button1.Enabled = Not GropuBox1.Controls.OfType(Of Textbox).Any(Function(t) t.Text = String.Empty)
End Sub
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And don't forget to set the Enabled property of the button to False as default (as I did... d'oh!). Thank you, your answer helped me much. – kodkod Dec 14 '10 at 14:53

Create a method that can check the status of all three textboxes and enable button1 if all three have text.

Create an event handler for all three text boxes that calls this method.

Edit: As a side note, you may want to use "Text Changed" event rather than "Leave" event, because focus on the third text box may not be lost if the very next thing they do after typing is click the button.

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Handle the varying controls Validating event and then adjust the enabled/disabled behavior of the button accordingly based on the successful validation of the controls.

MSDN explanation...

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Have a generic sub which checks the three text boxes which is called whenever any of them is left.

Effectively it would be

sub CheckBoxes
If (textbox1.text <> "") AND (textbox2.text <> "") AND (textbox3.text <> "") Then
    Button1.Enabled = True
    Button1.Enabled = False
End If
end sub

I apologise for this not being VBA syntax but the psuedo code should point you in the right direction.

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