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I am trying to develop an android widget that should show the latest news, but only one at a time. To see the next post the user could press arrow buttons.

I want it to look something like this:

alt text

What control should I use for this??

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What have you tried? What isn't working? – Falmarri Dec 13 '10 at 17:07
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The controls that you can use in a widget(at least today, may change in future) are limited to:

A RemoteViews object (and, consequently, an App Widget) can support the following layout classes:

* FrameLayout
* LinearLayout
* RelativeLayout

And the following widget classes:

* AnalogClock
* Button
* Chronometer
* ImageButton
* ImageView
* ProgressBar
* TextView

So I would have made an image(or more if you support different screens as you should) and add them to your project. Then I would use imagebutton, which is a supported control.

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