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When I use Vim I tend to split my screen in various ways, but when I want to close the editor I have to close each split separately. Is there a way to close all the splits at one regardless of how many splits I have open?

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Use :qa for "quit all".

If you have unsaved buffers you'll have to add a bang: :qa!.

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If I understand correctly, :qall is what you want.

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If you want to save all the splits as well type :wqa

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It has already been mentioned that :qa is what you want.

Because I (used to)* want this so often, I have added these to my .vimrc:

" missing ZZ and ZQ counterparts:
" quick save-buffer and quit-everything
nnoremap ZS :w<CR>
nnoremap ZX :qa<CR>

* I don’t work much with splits any more since I found the qbuf plugin.

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For some reason I never hopped on the 'ZZ' bandwagon, but I threw your mappings in my .vimrc to test drive them (fewer keystrokes after all). – cdated Dec 13 '10 at 20:19
Thanks for the heads up on qbuf, this ended up being pretty interesting. I noticed it doesn't have the option to put the buffer in a vertical split so I added this line \"v": "vertical sb #" in my copy, and let the maintainer know. – cdated Dec 13 '10 at 20:21

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