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Does anyone knows about any UI component library for data visualization (charts, pies, etc.) for vaadin framework?

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you could use the JFreeChart Library at and integrate it into vaadin using the JFreeChart-Wrapper addon from

Additionally, there is an implementation of the Google Chart Tools / Visualization API called Eastwood at JFree that does not need a connection to the web (i.e. does not connect to google servers) for chart creation, but it's missing some more advanced components.

If you are comfortable with google creating your charts and needing a constant web connection, you could use the addon VisualizationsForVaadin, also at the Vaadin Directory, for direct integration of the google charting tool.

These are the ones I know of, would also be interested in additional suggestions.

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The vaadin highcharts addon from invientcharts is very good:

The addon is Apache 2.0, but Highcharts is a commercial library, but not expensive for what it does!

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Vaadin Charts 2

group of screen shots of various types of charts

The Vaadin Charts add-on library was not available at the time of this Question, but I think is the reasonable way to go now.

For more info, see:

Version 2 arrived 2014-12.

Commercial Product

Vaadin Charts is a commercial product from the Vaadin company, not free-of-cost. Your fee to Vaadin includes a license for Highcharts, the JavaScript charting engine on which Vaadin Charts is built. The fee is per-developer, either a one-time fee for the current version or an on-going monthly fee for Pro-Tools subscription that includes licenses to some other products along with any new versions of Vaadin Charts.


Vaadin Charts produces a wide-variety of charts, attractive as well as useful. Vaadin Charts includes themes to match Valo, Reindeer, and other looks.

screen shot of example chart

another screen shot of example chart, polar style

screen shot of high-low chart

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Looks like its a non-free add-on. The price is $490 per developer at the time. Can you please confirm? –  Hari Krishna Ganji Sep 3 '13 at 1:46
@HariKrishnaGanji See my edit to this question regarding pricing – Yes, it is a commercial product requiring a fee. –  Basil Bourque Dec 28 '14 at 22:53
As of 2015-09-10, the price is still $490 for Vaadin Charts ( Not including the Pro Subscription. For commercial applications and "enterprise" teams, not too bad. But for single developers trying to make it on their own, a little pricey. However, Vaadin needs to make money if they are going to continue making awesome software. –  cbmeeks Sep 10 at 14:00

Take a search at the Vaadin Directory for options:

Or you could embed any other charting library. For example FusionCharts.

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After a through research I have chosen the Invient Charts. It is the only one that has a rich charting functionality and support dynamic behaviour by selection events on chart elements

To be true, Google Visualisation also support that feature, but the library requires connection to and there is actually a bug in bar chart selection events .

After release of Vaadin 7 with easier integration with JavaScript libraries we may expect a lot more plugins...

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I suggested dChart:!addon/dcharts-widget

It's not as perfect as vaadin charts, but it's free. And it can give you all events on the charts. I am using it and it's very good.

Here is its demo:

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