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I upgraded to the 2.3 sdk today, and then changed my project build target to 2.3 and did a clean and build. When I run it on a 2.2 device I get a null pointer exception on this line:

mSoundPool.play(index, streamVolume, streamVolume, 1, 0, speed);

Which worked fine with the 2.2 sdk, is the something I'm doing wrong or not doing that I need to in order to properly upgrade my project's build target?

This is how it's initialized:

mSoundPool = new SoundPool(4, AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC, 0);
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My guess would be that mSoundPool object is null, so we'd need to see how you construct it.

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Added the initialization line above. Note, that this code all works fine on 2.2 sdk. –  Hamid Dec 13 '10 at 19:18
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Found that a full clean build fixed the problem. Its a bit sketchy since I had cleaned the build once already, the second time fixed the problem.

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