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I want to add a row to a table, and then use it as a DOM object. Suppose the following HTML:

  <tr class="existing-row"><td>
      <a>add new row</a>
  <tr class="existing-row"><td>
      <a>add new row</a>

I use the following JavaScript with jQuery to insert a row:

  function addNewRow(addNewRowLink)
    var currentRow = addNewRowLink.closest('tr');
    currentRow.after('<tr class="added-row"><td>This is new</td></tr>');

    var newRowInDomTree = currentRow.next('tr');
    //This does not work

The variable newRowInDomTree contains a tr.existing-row instead a tr.added-row. It seems that the DOM tree is not updated, but I don't undertand why.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced.

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you're missing a semi-colon after the after statement. –  zzzzBov Dec 13 '10 at 17:00
@zzz,its better to have semicolon , but even if you don't give it doesn't throw any erros.. –  kobe Dec 13 '10 at 17:03
the semi-colon isn't necessary in javascript, but is allways a good practice to add one so there's no errors when minifying the code –  Mario Cesar Dec 13 '10 at 17:05
@all: No discussion. Edited ;-) –  Daniel Peñalba Dec 13 '10 at 17:06
@daniel hmmmmmmmmmm kool , –  kobe Dec 13 '10 at 17:09

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Your code should work, except that I can't see how it is being called, so I don't know what addNewRowLink actually is.

An alternative would be to retain a reference to the new element when creating it. Like this:

function addNewRow(addNewRowLink) {
    var currentRow = addNewRowLink.closest('tr');
    var newRowInDomTree = $('<tr class="added-row"><td>This is new</td></tr>')
                               .insertAfter( currentRow );
    // newRowInDomTree will be the element you created
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Give an id to the table. ie,

< table id="me">

var iHtml = ' < tr class="added-row">< td>This is new asdasdasd< /td>< /tr>' ;

$('#me tr:last').after('iHtml ');
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How about you just do it like this?

$(".existing-row a").click(function() {
 newRow = $(this).parent.after('<tr class="added-row"><td>This is new</td><tr>');
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I think the effect you're looking for can be simplified by using the right function:

instead of:

currentRow.after('<tr class="added-row"><td>This is new</td></tr>');

you should try:

newRowInDomTree = $('<tr class="added-row"><td>This is new</td></tr>').insertAfter(currentRow);

I'd venture a guess that your selection (currentRow.next('tr')) is happening before the element is actually added to the dom. You could try listening for an onload or onreadystatechange event to see if it's being fired later.

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