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I have a single sign-on widget that authenticates people against our AD. We also have employee kiosks, machines accessed with a generic user account. That generic user account cannot be used as part of the single sign on. Meaning that those users must sign in with their real active directory accounts. The problem is those generic accounts do not belong to any roles. So I have to do that authentication in my code.

The app runs in Windows Authentication.

Is there any way to force certain users to Windows Athenticate from code? I do most of my custom authentication in global.asax..

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OK, so there is Http.Context.SkipAuthrorization. Which is good to know, only I am looking for it's reverse alternative. It has to be somewhere in the depths of asp.net... Please help! –  dexter Dec 13 '10 at 19:18
Do you mean that you have a widget being used in different web apps? Or you have only one web app? What is the meaning of generic user account? Do you mean a local user account (Non AD user account)? –  Harvey Kwok Dec 14 '10 at 6:32

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I used:


This way users from that role always have to enter their credentials.

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