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I'm trying to output a "x3" string with value stored in my model.

<span>x@Model.Quantity</span> output => x@Model.Quantity

doesn't switch correctly to code after @.

The following works correctly:

<span>*@Model.Quantity</span> => *3 <span>x @Model.Quantity</span> => x 3 (but I don't want the space of course)

My actual fix:

<span>@{<text>x</text>}@Model.Quantity</span> => x3

Does the @ commutator needs to follow a word boundary? Is it a bug of the parser? (my actual testing machine: MVC3 RC2)


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x@Model.Quantity could be a email address so I think the parser consider that as text. It works if you do:

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Fantastic, thx. –  Mathias Kozlowski Dec 13 '10 at 20:06

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