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I have a bunch of files and need to build MSI file /setup.exe file that put them on specific folder and run one file of them that install a win32 service is that possible with micorosoft visual studio 2008 setp project ?

suppossing i have the following files: file1, file2 file3 file4

I need to put file1,file,file3 under c:\documents and setting\all users\my directory and run file4 which install a win32 service while running the setup or the msi is that possilbe ?

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Yes, that's all possible. Create a new deployment project and in the File View add the files from your project in the correct places. You may need to mark your files as Content = True in the file properties (from the solution explorer) then I think they'll appear in the dropdown in the file view.

For a windows service, the executable needs to be able to install itself as a service from the command line anyway, so installing it from the MSI is easy as you just need a custom step to call your .exe.

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Yes. You can do this with a standard Setup Project. To add custom files and folders, check this link:

For the base "All Users" folder, you will need to specify a Special Folder, specifically the CommonAppDataFolder.

Specifying how to install a Windows Service involves using a special component. I'm not too happy with it, I much prefer Wix.

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