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All I want is to take my AS3 source code files and compile them into a SWC file.

Upon inspection, the SWC files I generate end up with some kind of timeline or spite in them when I use the Flash IDE or that Flex SDK utility "compc", and it's irritating.

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Flash is timeline based; so everything in Flash uses a timeline. They hide it very well in Flex, though, so it's not obvious under the hood.

To create a SWC file in Flex, you need to use the command line compiler, although it sounds like you've already done that, so I'm unclear what your issue is.

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I just hate junk in files. The SWC shouldn't need a timeline, but it has a SWF embedded in it, which obviously has a timeline. It's such a hack. So the short answer is that "random-number...Sprite" symbol in the SWC is necessary junk. Thanks! – Triynko Dec 13 '10 at 21:30

In fact, you can build a "flex library project" in Flash builder. place your AS3 source code files in this project, it would automatic generate a swc file in which your AS3 Class;

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