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I am running my application in WAS6.1. In the same server I have two EAR deployed. One application can be accessed using the URL server.com:port/app1 over http and the other one as server.com:port/app2. In the application1 I am referencing application2 as :


Since this ipaddress is static so everytime I have to change this if I am moving from dev environment to QA and from QA to production. I want to set it such as that is should take the base url by itself. Does WAS has a properties file like was.baseurl which could be placed in place of ipaddress:port? Or something like that?

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The schema requires URI so you can't use anything special. However you can use a DNS name which is same for both environments. Use something like http://server:9080/app2 and add server to both servers' hosts file.

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