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How can retrieve email address from the Infopath people/Group picker?When I add the people/Group picker into the infopath form, I only get 3 fields DisplayName,AccountId,AccountType.Can anyone show me how can I get the email either by configurations or by code.

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Have a look at this thread, may be of some help InfoPath 2010 People Picker - Find Email Address

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In SharePoint Designer, when setting up a workflow to respond to an InfoPath people picker field, I simply map the "TO:" field of my "Send Email" action to whatever people picker field I have (even if it's set to pull the Display Name)... and the email will successfully send out regardless. Now, your mileage may vary and perhaps it's due to our Exchange server settings and small company size which allows this to work.

Anyways, try it out. Maybe extracting an email address from the people picker is a superflous step.

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I have a simpler solution.

Assume you are using the connection wizard to send an email to a person selected from a people picker.

in the to field - concat(substring-after(AccountId, "\"), "")

assuming your companies mail accounts have an entry for username @ domain.

because AccountId = domain\username

so we end up with

Worked for me

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