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  1. How many client-side scripting language implementations did you see except JavaScript and VBScript? Like: type="text/C++Script", text/CSharpScript, text/oberonScript, etc.

  2. How can I learn if my browser supports those languages?

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The only three languages I have ever seen supported by web browsers in <script> elements are:

  • JavaScript / JScript (which is ubiquitous)
  • VBScript (IE only)
  • PerlScript (IE with a plugin from ActiveState only)
  • Dart (in a nonstandard build of Chromium)

The HTML specification gives examples of Tcl, but I've never heard of a browser that implemented this.

In any practical sense (for WWW development), JavaScript is the only (not really a) choice.

There are also various languages which have translators to convert programs to JavaScript which can then run in browsers.

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  1. Is already answered above.
  2. If you want to learn if browser supports languages that you already know the best is to embed their small snippets into page or inject using innerHTML from JavaScript. These scripts should then set some global property like window['scripts']['oberon']=true; this way you will learn that language type was detected indeed.
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