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Any online tool/service that tells you what sites are powered by?

  • Web Frameworks
  • Multimedia platforms
  • JavaScript libraries
  • eCommerce Features
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5 Answers

builtwith.com gives some good info on sites..

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Ha ha! Just re-found it myself but you beat me to it! –  Jarvis Jan 14 '09 at 16:17
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I have developed http://poweredsites.org for this issue, you can find a list of python powered sites from python.poweredsites.org, django powered sites from django.poweredsites.org, jquery powered sites from jquery.poweredsites.org etc.

Have fun.

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For javascript frameworks: http://blog.olicio.us/2008/11/08/wtframework-bookmarklet/ In Web frameworks, sometimes you have the : X-poweredBy header...

an ecommerce or multimedia platforms, no idea

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eCommerce enterprise probably isn't too extroverted about broadcasting on sites that their technology is being used, since it opens an additional security vector. I have no way to verify that, it's just a guess.

That said, looking around in the source code helps if you know what to look for. You can also ask the proprietor/tech contact for the site.

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