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I've been making a game using the rokonandroid game engine, but I randomly get an error that causes the layout to just stay as it is, and never update.

The following error occurs:

12-13 15:05:17.876: ERROR/Rokon(2798): addToActive(229433297) 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): java.lang.Exception: addToActive(229433297) 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.Debug.error( 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.TextureManager.addToActive( 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.Texture.onLoadTexture( 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.GLHelper.checkTextureValid( 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.GLHelper.bindTexture( 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.GLHelper.drawNormal( 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.DrawableObject.onDrawNormal( 12-13 15:05:17.876: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.DrawableObject.onDraw( 12-13 15:05:17.884: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.Layer.onDraw( 12-13 15:05:17.884: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.Scene.onDraw( 12-13 15:05:17.884: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.RokonRenderer.onDrawFrame( 12-13 15:05:17.884: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.GLSurfaceView$GLThread.guardedRun( 12-13 15:05:17.884: WARN/System.err(2798): at com.stickycoding.rokon.GLSurfaceView$

What causes this error? Anybody know of how to fix this error? And is it possible that my textures are causing this problem?

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Please do not post the same question twice. If you don't receive a good answer, add additional details or create a bounty. Additionally, you might have better luck in the game dev stackexchange. – Cheryl Simon Dec 14 '10 at 2:14

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Do your textures need to have the size with the power of 2, like 64px x 64px, 128x128, 256... etc?

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No. One of the default sprites that comes with the engine is 35x50. – Jeff Dec 14 '10 at 0:59

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