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I have a question I could not solve even searching Google, I'm programming a simple application for twitter, and when I make a call of this type

$ User = "someuser"
$ Details = $ twitteroauth-> get ('users / show', array ('screen_name' => $ user)), this does not work when I pass a parameter as a variable but works perfectly when I do it by passing the value directly

$ Details = $ twitteroauth-> get ('users / show', array ('screen_name' => 'nickname')); if it works well, but in the following function

$ Ret = $ twitteroauth-> post ('direct_messages / new', array ('screen_name' => $ someuser-> screen_name, 'text' => 'helloworld')); if it works by passing a variable as a parameter, it will be for the post method?, please I need to pass variables to

$ Details = $ twitteroauth-> get ('users / show', array ('screen_name' => $ user));

Many thanks to all the community.

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Are those spaces after the $ intentional? – Matt Ball Dec 14 '10 at 2:51
yes, sorry for my bad english Matt :) can u help me ? – Jose antonio Dec 14 '10 at 4:22

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