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I have this code:

$("#sendData").click(function(e) {

// converts to JSON the array and returns a string.
var updateValues = JSON.stringify(dataArray); 

$.post("test.php", updateValues, function(data){

As you may see, is my intention to send a JSON array to test.php. Now in test.php i have something like:


    if(isset($_POST["updateValues"])) {
        echo $_POST["updateValues"];
    } else {
        echo "Error."


Now, i'm getting "Error". I believe it's because the array can not be passed just that way, even if it's JSON-ed. What's the correct way of passing arrays to PHP scripts?

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$.post("test.php", {'updateValues': updateValues}, function(data){

You had a few syntax issues - and each post variable should have a key in the object to access it in PHP like that.

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Works like a charm. Thanks! –  Gabriel A. Zorrilla Dec 14 '10 at 3:53

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