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Has anyone ever successfully implemented an EditText in a widget? I realize Android does not support this, however, "Friend Stream" on HTC devices does it... Is this due to an HTC feature? Could I implement this on HTC? Anyone have any crazy creative ideas for implementing a textbox which actually allows typing on a homescreen widget?

ANY possible leads on this would be much appreciated!

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Most of this can be google-ed, expept for the style of TextViews (you can not use EditText in widget..)

But.. go with the style property.. :)

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@+1 good I will try this – Atul Bhardwaj Oct 23 '12 at 12:21
Using this and then adding a clickable ="true" then call an activity that has edit field. – The One Jun 10 '14 at 7:41

A way to do this is to make a tap on your widget start a new activity (standard) and to make this activity fully transparent. There are ways to retrieve your widget's position, so that you can position a TextView in your activity on top of your widget. Make a tap outside of your TextView close the activity. I think this is what the Google search widget does, you may want to look at this code.

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Ah cool, thanks. This is interesting. The google widget doesn't seem to try that hard... just moves it to the top of the screen in the new activity it launches. – Will Dec 14 '10 at 21:46
Thanks Gilles that seems like an interesting logic. I can put a button inplace of the text box but I cant make it look like a search box. How could I possible do that? – Sohaib Apr 14 '13 at 14:16
Use Images or check @Stefan's answer – JacksOnF1re Aug 21 '15 at 14:41

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