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The requirement is to split strings in Java so that the following


would result in the following array


As you can see here the delimiter is the character sequence "#{s}".

What is the fastest and efficient way of doing this using existing tools?

Am I right to assume that using regex (String.split()) is a bit of wasting because we are splitting using static string?

I got the assumption from here . But I cannot use StringTokenizer since the delimiter is a sequence of char.

Note: currently I'm using String.split() and have no problem with that. This is pure curiosity.

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Faster than using String.split is Pattern.split: i.e., precompile the pattern and store that for subsequent use. If you use the same pattern all the time, and do a lot of splitting using that pattern, it may be worth putting that pattern into a static field or something.

Also, if your pattern contains no regex metacharacters, you can pass in Pattern.LITERAL when creating the pattern. This is something you can't do with String.split. :-P

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