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I'm using JDBC directly, no Hibernate or ORM layer, and I want to search a table for multiple product names at the same time via "SELECT ... FROM xxx WHERE product_name IN (?)". I don't know what datatype to use when binding the ? value. I've tried a few things such as a comma-separated string, a Collection, etc, none seem to work.

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The SQL IN clause list does not support/expect a single data type -- it's a comma separated list of values that are the same data type. By extension, JDBC and Java PreparedStatements will not support a single variable to represent a comma separated list. A [Java PreparedStatement] variable in an IN clause only represents one value of a comma separated list -- if you need two values, your query would look like:

WHERE product_name IN (?, ?)

Now that you see how limiting the syntax is, your options are to:

  • construct the query as a Java String object, and use string concatenation to convert the list/array of values into a comma separated list
  • use MySQL's string concatenation and MySQL's native dynamic SQL syntax to construct the query (also as a string/varchar)
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Thanks for the detailed answer. –  EJP Dec 14 '10 at 9:09

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