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Im using doxygen outside of its design, but well within its capability. I have a bunch of essentially text files, appended with some doxygen tags. I am successfully generating doxygen output. However, somehow doxygen occasionally discovers what it assumes to be a variable, and proceeds to document it using surrounding text, causing a lot of confusing documentation. I cant see any direct relationship between these anomalies, only that they're reproducing the same output on each run, and what I can see is at least some are next to a ';' or a '='.

I only want doxygen to document what I've manually tagged. I am hoping to remove any occurrence of these anomalies, however I cannot alter existing text. I can only add doxygen tags, or alter the configuration file. Any ideas?

Many thanks.

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Because in my particular case, I do not need any automatically generated documentation, only that which I have tagged with doxygen tags, setting


removes any instance of doxygen "finding" and documenting variables. This however may remove any ability to find any class declarations, namespaces or functions, however this is acceptable for me.

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