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Can any one Help me Please I want to Calculate 2 or more row Record see Below Query.

SELECT docs_DocCode, SUM(invd_Qty) AS Total_IN
FROM   dbo.SI_InventoryDetail

WHERE  (docs_DocCode = 'D.C') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083') OR
       (docs_DocCode = 'STO') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083') OR
       (docs_DocCode = 'SAO') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083') OR
       (docs_DocCode = 'IOB') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083') OR
       (docs_DocCode = 'GRN') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083') OR
       (docs_DocCode = 'STI') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083') OR
       (docs_DocCode = 'SAI') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083') OR
       (docs_DocCode = 'SRN') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083') OR
       (docs_DocCode = 'PRN') AND (itm_ItemCode = '0101050000083')
GROUP BY docs_DocCode

ABove Query Give me Result as below

dics_doccode   Total
D.C            328.00000000
GRN            205.00000000
IOB             96.00000000
SAI             66.00000000
SAO             51.00000000
SRN             14.00000000
STI            150.00000000
STO            150.00000000

Now i want To ADD (D.C+STI+SAI) - (GRN+STI+SAI+IOB) = One Value

And i am using SQL SERVER 2000


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             WHEN docs_DocCode IN ('D.C', 'STI', 'SAI') THEN invd_Qty
             WHEN docs_DocCode IN ('GRN', 'STI', 'SAI', 'IOB') THEN -1 * invd_Qty
             ELSE 0
           END) AS One_Value

Note that invd_Qty that do not belong to any from 'D.C', 'STI', 'SAI', 'GRN', 'STI', 'SAI', 'IOB' will not be added.

PS: (D.C+STI+SAI) - (GRN+STI+SAI+IOB) - I've emphasized the pointless (??) parts. It is equal to D.C. - (SAI + IOB)

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Dear THankx for Quick Reply but you given Query is not working –  Brave ali Khatri Dec 14 '10 at 6:07
My I want to Add Where Cluse here w hich Identify my ITEM Basicaly that Calculation is For Current Stock Status.... –  Brave ali Khatri Dec 14 '10 at 6:11
@Brave ali Khatri: is not working is not enough detailed description of an issue. And I cannot get your complete 2nd comment :-S –  zerkms Dec 14 '10 at 6:14
I think i have mention Complete Senario what i wanted to do –  Brave ali Khatri Dec 14 '10 at 6:19
@Brave ali Khatri Please can you tell, if your comment is longer and we see it somewhat truncated here. I asked at meta.stackexchange.com/questions/72195/… if this can happen and they say, that you typed the 3 dots –  bernd_k Dec 14 '10 at 6:52
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I resolved My problem thankx to "Zerkms" Below is My Query and It Result

SELECT Itm_itemcode,

    SUM(CASE WHEN docs_DocCode IN ('D.C', 'STO', 'SAO','PRN') THEN INVD_QTY END ) - 
    SUM(CASE WHEN docs_DocCode IN ('GRN', 'STI', 'SAI','SRN','IOB') THEN invd_Qty END) AS Qty

From SI_InventoryDetail

Where Itm_itemcode = '0101050000083'

group by Itm_itemcode


Item_code Qty
0101050000083 -2.00000000

Thankx Brave ali khatri

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if you found my answer useful you can check it with green mark below the vote number :3 –  zerkms Dec 14 '10 at 7:24
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