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Got a bit of a mind freeze at the moment. I have the following syntax:-

        string[] repname = Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.ToString().Split('\');

and I get an error on the split character. Can anyone advise on how I can do the split using the \ character as the delimiter?


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What is the error message? – Jeremy Reagan Jan 14 '09 at 16:34
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"\" is an escape character.

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cheers for that! – anonym0use Jan 14 '09 at 16:52

Typically, the \ character is meant to escape other characters. If you wish it to be taken literally, you need to escape it with another \. So, in order to escape on backslashes, you'll provide \\.

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\ is an excape character in C#.

You need to do one of the following:



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 string[] repname = Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.ToString().Split(new string[]{"\\"}, StringSplitOptions.None);
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Split takes a char[] as a parameter, not a char. Try;

string[] repname = Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.ToString().Split(new char[] {'\\'});
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Why the downvote? The non-escaped character is only part of the story, there is no overload of String.Split that takes a single char. – Stu Mackellar Jan 14 '09 at 16:45

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