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We are using a System V message queue with the msgrcv function being called in blocking mode. We want to implement a timer on the blocking msgrcv function so that when the timer expires and we have not received a message, we can unblock msgrcv and continue execution.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can achive this by programming?

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possible duplicate of… – jschmier Dec 30 '10 at 16:53

I have solved this problem using alarm signal.

Please check the following program if it helps:

int msg_recv(int id, MSG_DATA *msgptr)

    int n;

    **alarm(2);**    //After 2 second msg_recv interrupt and return errno "Interrupted system call"

    n = msgrcv(id, (MSG_DATA *) msgptr, sizeof(MSG_DATA) , 0, 0);

    perror("Return from msgrcv");

    printf ("N = %d\n %d %s\n\n",n,errno,strerror(errno));

    if ( n < 0) //goto LOOP;  // This forces the interrupted msgrcv to repeat

void sigalrm_handler()
    printf("Alarm signal delivered !\n");


int  main();

int main()
   //signal (SIGALRM, times_up);         /* go to the times_up function  */
                                       /* when the alarm goes off.     */
   **signal(SIGALRM, sigalrm_handler);**     

   int msqid;                          /* return value from msgget() */   

   MSG_DATA msg_data;

   msqid = 0;

   printf("Ready to receive ... \n");

   **msg_recv(msqid, &msg_data);**

   printf("read message \n");

   return 0;                               
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