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I'm learning and doing projects on Grails, but for now it's a little boring because of the repetitive work (GORM, fix bug,...) . I want to "play" a little: making something simple, but useful, so that I can get inspired again with the programing work. For example, I think of something like Workrave, or RainCalendar, or Google StreetView.

The problem is that I'm just a lone programmer, and don't have lots of time for developing my own software. So I posted this question to ask for:

  1. Some idea about a simple-coding program, but useful, interesting (funny is a bonus).

  2. Some where (online) for programmer like me can find interesting project to join? I can code C, C++, Java, Grails and PHP. But other languages is also welcome.

I'll appreciate any idea from everyone.

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To Answer your Second question: sourceforge And that has a lot of projects running so take a look at their Project Help Wanted board then join the one you like.

And that should in turn answer your first question

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thanks, I will give it a look :) –  Hoàng Long Dec 16 '10 at 3:21

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