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I am using gigya javascript sdk for authentication purposes on my site. It works well. But I recently decided to try the php sdk, I was able to set status to twitter and linkedin using the php sdk but this I am able to retrieve the uid using the javascript api and when i use to setstatus using php sdk i get an error unauthorised user.

I appreciate any help.


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Have you enabled wall updates in the Gigya site setup page? This is required for using setStatus. Just to be sure, take a quick look at the notes under "Supporting Providers":


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I did check it. It works fine on other site and I tried using javascript to setStatus on this site it works fine. I did try to check enable wall updates in the gigya setup page, I could not find the options where you check it. Strange I remember checking it. –  Josh R Dec 14 '10 at 16:50
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Encode uid fixed the problem

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