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Kindly need your help as this really taking me long time to try. From JSP, I passed the stingnify JSON object as a String to the Java action, it like

String jsonDealer = [{"dealerID":"VARSSWK103","dealerName":"Dealer ABC"}, {"dealerID":"VARSSTH008","dealerName":"Dealer XYZ"}]

How I can convert this to JSON object/ or ArrayList of Dealer, so that I can retrieve the dealer ID and dealer name?

Thanks for all help...

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First, download Google GSON.

Second, create this class:

class Dealer {
    Dealer() {}
    public void setDealerID(String dealerID) {
        this.dealerID = dealerID;
    public String getDealerID() {
        return dealerID;
    public void setDealerName(String dealerName) {
        this.dealerName = dealerName;
    public String getDealerName() {
        return dealerName;
    private String dealerID;
    private String dealerName;


Third, use this code:

String jsonDealer = "[{\"dealerID\":\"VARSSWK103\",\"dealerName\":\"Dealer ABC\"}, {\"dealerID\":\"VARSSTH008\",\"dealerName\":\"Dealer XYZ\"}]";

Gson gson = new Gson();

Type type = new TypeToken<List<Dealer>>(){}.getType();

List<Dealer> fromJson = gson.fromJson(jsonDealer, type);

System.out.println(fromJson.get(0).getDealerName());   // example usage
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+1, although there are, of course, lots of other options. Google GJSON isn't the only game in town... – T.J. Crowder Dec 14 '10 at 10:24
@T.J. Crowder: of course, but since I have only GSON set up, why not give a concrete example? – darioo Dec 14 '10 at 10:25
Sure, and that's why I voted it up. It's just that the answer doesn't give any indication that one has options. I'm a big fan of options. – T.J. Crowder Dec 14 '10 at 11:01

You'll need a JSON deserializer. There are quite a few for Java listed at the bottom of the page. As of this writing:

...and 10 more. :-)

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+1 for listing many options :-) – darioo Dec 14 '10 at 11:20

You will need a json parsing api like gson to parse the json string. Follow the simple tutorial in my website

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You probably need a JSON library for Java which can parse the string into an object / collection.

I'm not a Java expert myselft, but this list might have somethng suitable:

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