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I am trying to find a clear definition of clabject.

Has anyone a good one ?

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Paper on The Rationale of Powertype-based Metamodelling to Underpin Software Development Methodologies gives a definition of clabjets, two faceted constructs that have properties of classes and objects:

This idea of a two-faceted construct or clabject is perfect for our needs, since it nicely models a single concept being modelled simultaneously as a class and as an object. Rather than seeing the WriteMethodCode class and the “WriteMethodCode” object as separate entities in the method layer, we can look at them as a single entity, a clabject, named #WriteMethodCode. As such, #WriteMethodCode will exhibit a class facet (with a name and possibly some attributes and relationships) plus an object facet (with values and links). The class facet of a method-level clabject, as we have explained before, is a subtype of a metamodel class (Task in our example), while the object facet in the same clabject is an instance of a different metamodel class.

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The concept wasn't invented there. It was introduced, as far as I know, by Atkinson & Kühne in some of their papers from the early 2000s, and then used by us in a number of papers that Boris quotes in the metamodelling area. It is also used and defined semi-formally by the ISO/IEC 24744 standard. But, basically, the definition given by Boris is correct. –  CesarGon Dec 17 '10 at 1:37

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