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Hello guys :) Is there a free way to encrypt or domain lock your php scripts, to protect them from being given away or resold with no rights. just something that makes the script useless without the owner approval ? like locking the script to a special domain name, so it can't be used on other domain ?

and thanks :D

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Your code is really that good? –  PurplePilot Dec 14 '10 at 10:32
If a user can access your PHP code probably copyright is the least of your problems... –  nico Dec 14 '10 at 10:50

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Basically, no.

It doesn't matter what protection you put in place, PHP source is not compiled and can be edited. Which means whatever protection you put in place can be undone by someone with enough skill and time.

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Exactly, even obfuscated code can be de-obfuscated with enough patience. –  Neil Aitken Dec 14 '10 at 10:38

What I do to distribute web applications written in PHP, is to distribute them inside Virtual Machines like Virtual PC 2007 or Oracle Virtualbox. For me it's the best solution if you agree with the client that he will not have access to code.

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So. How exactly does this work? Should I hand over 2GB files just so my clients don't see my 20KB-4MB code? And how would they execute the scripts? Can you please explain in more details. Thanks –  chx101 Dec 15 '13 at 3:07

The best way to minimize piracy is to create an environment where it is desirable to purchase from the author rather than look for a pirated copy. That means reasonable pricing plus technical support, free upgrades, customer-only forums, etc. You'll never stop pirates, so focus on attracting paying customers and giving them such a good experience that they spread word of your product instead of spreading the product itself.

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not that i know about.

But note that, unlike JavaScript, PHP code is executed on the server and never sent to the browser. If you don't publish it yourself, it won't be visible to anybody besides you.

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From PHP Tag Wiki

Q. Can I protect my PHP code from theft? If so, how?
A. There is no effective technical solution to protect, encode or encrypt PHP source code. There are many products that offer some levels of protection, but all can be broken with time and effort. Your best option is not a technical solution, but a legal solution in the form of a license agreement.

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