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So I am playing with facebooker2. I already know how to display current user's profile picture when they are logged in. However, I am interested in display the profile pictures of other users on my app as well. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do this? I have asked for offline permission already, but I am not really sure what would be the next step.

Could anyone please give some hints maybe? Thank you very much!

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If you have facebook uid of user then you can show his picture. You don't need any permission for this.

With facebooker2 you have helper as fb_profile_pic(facebookUserUid, OptionHash)

by this way following code works for me-

<%= fb_profile_pic(, {:size => 'square' }) %>

For offline users -

<%= fb_profile_pic(user.fb_user_uid, {:size => 'square' }) %>

As i store facebook uid in fb_user_uid column.

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if you need the small avatar, then just do it with the image tag

<%= image_tag "{@user.facebook_id}/picture" %>
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