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I have a legacy app in which I need to enable search.

Recently we've switched to SQL 2008 and I was wondering to do it with it's Full Text Search.

However my question there API available for Classic ASP? Any references?

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I think full text search is a completly service side feature and that you only send normal SQL queries in which case normal ADODB should be sufficent to use it.

But I have never tried fulltext service my self so I am not a 100 % sure.

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Went searching and it is...thnx! :) – Vladan Strigo Dec 14 '10 at 17:14

You can use Full text search features of the SQL server. Create a stored procedure uisng Free text searh indexing features(Use contains & Free text keywords in SQL query). You need create Index and catelog for your database.

Call the stored procedure from classic ASP.

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