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I have given a div a min-width , and a percentage width . It seems to be working as expected on Chrome and FF , but in IE ( 7 & 9 ) , the min-width is not enforced . The following code illustrates the behaviour in t.

<div style="background-color:#fc0;min-width:500px; width:10%;">
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The min-width attribute is supported in IE 7 and later, but only if you have a strict doctype.

Ref: min-width Attribute

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many thanks for the prompt reply . –  amal Dec 14 '10 at 11:16

Here's a snippet for simulating min-height in IE5+. It should be useful for what you want to do.

I guess it'll probably work for width changing the auto for whatever value you want.

height: auto!important; /* for good browsers */ 
height: 175px; /* for IE5+ */ 
min-height: 175px; /* for good browsers */
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