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I have thousands of movie clips need to be process in Imagick frame-by-frame. I'm currently obtain the frames using ffmpeg-php and process each frame by Imagick. The Imagick can not (at least I don't know how) access the frame directly so I have to convert the frames to GD and capture it into binary string. This is slow for thousands of clips with over million frames. How can I access / convert the frame from ffmpeg getFrame in Imagick? Or other quick / dirty ways for such conversion? Thanks in advance!

$movie = new ffmpeg_movie('any.avi', 0);

 $im = new Imagick();





// do Imagick process....

 echo $im_im;
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Not that hard with Imagick delegates, see:


$im = new imagick();
$im->newPseudoImage( 200, 200, "ffmpeg:test1.mpg[40]" );
$im->setImageFormat( "png" );

header( "Content-Type: image/png" );
echo $im;


And the full link


Hope it helps.

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