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Hi i have used jquery tablednd. I have written a function which initializes the tablednd to a table

But i want to know if there is any option of disabling the tablednd...??

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I was able to disable the tableDnD by calling the following function:

function tableDragAndDropDisable(cssID){
    $(cssID + " tr").addClass("nodrag nodrop");

// sample usage

This will add the "nodrag nodrop" classes to each row of the table with the given ID (cssID) - effectively disabling the table of its sorting ability.

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Excellent! (: Saved me a lot of trouble. – Tim Jan 7 '13 at 10:24

I think the exact way to disable tableDnd show be: remove the 'mousedown' bind of td.

So the example is:


<table id="first-table"> ..... </table>
<table id="second-table"> ..... </table>


<script type="text/javascript>
// disable first table
jQuery("#first-table td").unbind("mousedown");

// enable second table
jQuery("#second-table").removeclass("nodrag nodrop").tableDnD();
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you can remove the cssclasses nodrop and nodrag

rows.removeClass('nodrop nodrag');

where rows are the table rows

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Hi thanks for the reply I have two tables. On the click of one hyperlink I want to disable the first table and show the 2nd table with tablednd. Can you tell me how to write the function for the same. It will be really helpful... :) Thanks in advance :) – rahul Dec 14 '10 at 12:29

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